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Tips for an Effective Pitch Deck

An investor pitch, or pitch deck, is a presentation created to give investors a quick overview of your startup and its growth potential. It can be defined as an interesting and simple tool that brings the value proposition and potential of your business idea from your own mind to the minds of investors.  Presentation plays a huge role in convincing investors, as effective visuals play an important role in storytelling!

The key to a successful investor presentation is to be short, concise, and impressive. A 30-slide presentation won’t help you at all when you’re trying to get the attention of investors in a limited time.

So, which slides should be included in a good presentation? Let’s take a look together:

1. Title: It is the first slide that helps to make an effective first impression. You need to pay attention to the visual elements from this slide, as they will determine the general theme of your presentation.

It’s best to be minimal here. If you have a slogan, it would be nice to put it here.

2. Introduction: This is the slide where you introduce your business idea sincerely and accurately. You can also use this slide to communicate your value proposition.

Problem 3: This title is where you start building your story.

Use all the tips to present your problem in the best way possible. It will also be pleasant to start with a small story that will put the investors in the shoes of your customers.

You need to make sure that you effectively convey the problems of the buyers you are targeting!

Solution 4: Once you’ve made it clear that your problem is indeed a problem to be solved, it’s time to explain that your project has produced a viable solution to this problem.

You can describe your solution in many ways. An example would be the MVP of your product, or a list of solution features you offer. In your presentation, it would be beneficial to focus more on the advantages of these features rather than the detail features of the product.

5. Market Size, Opportunities and Trends: You can show market size with the help of numbers or use visualizations such as a pie or bar chart to indicate your purpose.

Your explanation of changing market trends and why it’s the right time for your business idea will also impress investors.

6. Competitors: In this slide, you can explain how your product differs from your competitors and why customers should choose you.

7. Team: The competence of the team is an issue that investors attach great importance to. Including your teammates’ educational background, competencies, and visuals here is a small but effective way to build trust.

8. Tractions: In this slide, tell your potential investors what you have achieved so far. Information such as the number of users and customers and your sales are the factors that investors want to hear and see in the first place.

9. Financials: In this slide it would be effective if you include data on how your pricing is, how this price is determined, and how this planning will help you reach your targeted milestones. You can make it easier for the people you are presenting to understand by making a table or visualization.

10. Sales and Marketing Strategy: Investors interested in your business idea also want to hear about your plans to achieve your highlighted goals and financial projections. This is where your sales and marketing strategies come into play.

You can use a flowchart, graphical step list, or timeline to visualize these strategies.

11. Amount of Investment: Perhaps the most important issue for investors is to see how much investment you are looking for with what valuation and where you will use this investment as a percentage or amount. If your presentation does not include this slide, you can be 1500% sure that it will be asked.

12. Customers & References: Adding your customers, customer reviews and testimonials to your investor presentation is an effective way to impress your audience, increase their trust in you and the need for your product or service.

We can briefly define the investor presentation as the showcase of your company. Do not forget to be inspired by the investor presentations of companies that have received good investments, that a well-designed presentation with a comprehensive content, that removes the question marks in mind and is well explained, is a very effective way to impress the investor!

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