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Founded in 2017, Makswin has aimed to develop technologies specific to the real estate sector since its inception. working since 2012 with the founding partners on the real estate sector in Turkey has been able to make a difference today and we came to an establishment has been producing products for the benefit of its customers. is the leading yacht charter marketplace in Europe and one of the few online platforms in the world specialized in marine tourism. brings together boat owners with those who want to rent a boat.


Crowdsol, is an event tech platform, where brand event organizers of all nature (in-person, corporate, private, or public) can create, host, manage and monitor live and offline events with any number of attendees, under enterprise security for all its users.


heybooster is a software that makes sense of digital marketing data of e-commerce companies and transforms them into action-oriented business plans, connects with measurement & marketing tools and offers analysis.


Mindsite is an e-commerce analytics and insights platform enabling marketing and sales teams to take data-driven decisions by providing real time price, promo, content and share of voice data of both their partners' and their competitors' products from different e-commerce platforms.


Co-one is an AI & crowdsource-based data platform enabling AI teams to grow for the better. They offer super fast, accuracy guaranteed annotations for AI teams.


Homster provides its customers with a cloud-based, fully automated and real-time customizable interior design service that helps them sell real estate, furniture and home decoration products.


B2Metric provides brands with actionable plans based on predictions and insights by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to interpret user behavior data.

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